Readers & Writers United (2nd edition)

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Using Paper.li, I created the Readers & Writers United newspaper, which offers a clear, daily overview of useful links (shared on Twitter) that are related to the love for reading and the art of writing.

Readers & Writers United - 2nd edition

Readers & Writers United - 2nd edition

If you’re on Twitter, you can sign up to receive one Tweet a day with a link to that day’s Readers & Writers United newspaper. Also, you can follow me there, my name is @ElsieStills.

Readers & Writers United

My newspaper focuses on a variety of topics related to writing and reading. To make reading easier, the articles are organised in topics such as Stories, Media, #writing, Education, Art & Entertainment, Health, Photos, Technology, #reading and Business. Please note that all articles in these topics are related to reading and/or writing.

Today’s edition of Readers & Writers United features articles like:

Edition 2 - #writing

Edition 2 - #writing


Edition 2 - Technology

Edition 2 - Technology



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